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Dramatists, directors, dramaturgs and development.

Challenging and supporting

the best new voices in New Orleans.

What Is 4D?

4D is the next phase of Southern Rep’s new play development programs for local artists. 4D—standing for Dramatists & Directors & Dramaturgs & Development—seeks to challenge and support the best new voices and new plays in New Orleans.

Building on the success of the 6×6 Play Slam and 3×3 One Act series, 4D will group Dramatists, Directors, and Dramaturgs into collaborative teams. Each team will meet twice a month to support the development of each dramatist’s new full-length play over the course of a year. The program is a think-tank, a writer’s group, and a theatrical lab whose goal is to nurture artists and support new work.

With a focus on process and training in new play writing and development, 4D will featured an invited works-in-progress reading in the summer of 2020 and will feature a festival of staged readings in December 2020. Southern Rep will also work with teams to support additional reading and production opportunities for the developed plays.


Applications are due on January 31st @ 11:59pm.

o   4D Application Letter of Interest

Use this letter to share with us why you’re interested in joining 4D. Who are you as an artist? What do you hope to learn, to create, and to achieve during this program? Who are some of your favorite writers/artists and why? Maximum 500 words. Please save as a PDF and name your file as “LAST NAME_Letter of Interest.”

o   Resume

Please save as a PDF and name your file “LAST NAME_Resume”

o   Writing Sample, Directing Philosophy, and/or Performance Criticism

This is how we will get to know your voice, your vision, and your taste/style.

Please submit 10 pages of a play you have written. Choose the 10 pages that you feel gives us the best example of your voice and writing style; it doesn’t necessarily need to be the first ten pages. Because we read all submissions blind, please do not include your name in the document. Please include page numbers. Save as a PDF and name your file LAST NAME_Writing Sample.

Please submit your Directing Philosophy. Include how you collaborate, how you like to run a room, what you love about new work, what kind of work you’re drawn to, and what are you are currently working on in your practice as an artist. Maximum 500 words. Because we read all submissions blind, please do not include your name in the document. Save as a PDF and name your file “LAST NAME_Directing Philosophy”.

Please submit an example of your critical writing of a show you have seen within the past year. Share what you loved about it and what questions you had for the production, script, performers, and design choices. What was successful? What, in your opinion, could have been more successful and how? Maximum 500 words. Because we read all submissions blind, please do not include your name in the document. Save as a PDF and name your file “LAST NAME_Criticism” and upload here.

Previous 4D Cohorts


Keah D. Moffett, Dramatist
Cammie West, Director
Dolores Hooper, Dramaturg 

Leslie Nipkow, Dramatist
Austin Alward, Director
Paul Werner, Dramaturg
James Bartelle, Dramatist
Megan Kosmoski, Director

Michelle Lepori, Dramaturg


Harold Clark, Dramatist
Ryan P. Bruce, Director
Torey Hayward, Dramaturg

Nathan Stevens, Dramatist
KT Looney, Director
Jonah Boudreaux, Dramaturg

Bryan Egland, Dramatist
Nathan Norris, Director
Lizzie Bruce, Dramaturg
India King, Dramatist
Christina Pellegrini, Director
Whitney Randall, Dramaturg

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