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Arts Education

Helping young people learn to love the theatre and the arts is essential to Southern Rep   Our programs will resume as we move to full programming after the pandemic.

Our Programs Have Reached 18,000 Youth

Southern Rep’s “School to Stage Pipeline” gives students age 4-18 the chance to explore and engage with live, professional theatre, participate in their own productions, and pursue their wildest and most creative dreams. Whether students are watching a production, taking a trip behind the scenes, or staging their own creation, our programs have proven to improve students’ literacy, critical thinking skills, cooperative abilities, knowledge of theatre as an art form, and creative confidence. To date, more than 18,000 kids have experienced the joy and magic of great theatre through Southern Rep Arts Education Programs. 

Summer Theatre Camps

We believe that every young person is an artist.

 Afterschool Workshops in the fall and spring and Summer Camps encourage and cultivate the artistry, imagination and creativity of New Orleans’ young artists.  In every workshop, we use theatre and performance to give young people a safe space to take risks, learn, be silly, play, collaborate and create. 

After School Theatre Workshops

Workshops have been tailored to be creative, exploratory, and process-based.  They culminate in a performance for families, friends and loved ones, but we make sure that we focus on the progress and experience of each child. As always, we accept all performers without an audition, and each child will perform at the end of the workshop. These workshops are about discovering how to use our bodies, voices and imaginations to create theatre and how to work together.  And of course, these workshops are all about fun! 

Free and Discount Student Matinee Program

A field trip to the theatre also helps teachers meet Louisiana Educational Benchmarks & Standards ELA-1-M2, ELA-5-M2, ELA-6-M3 and ELA-1-H3, in an innovative setting that is sure to awaken your students’ love for literature and theatre.


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