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Black Lives Matter

We must and will do better.

Southern Rep Theatre

stands against racist violence and white supremacy in all its forms.

Southern Rep Theatre Stands against racist violence and white supremacy in all its forms. The senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and so many Black Americans over the years, and the disproportionate death rate from COVID-19 in our Black communities call us again to pay urgent attention to the deep systemic racism that permeates American culture. Moreover, the pain, sorrow, and rage erupting peacefully and violently in cities across the nation keep a bright light on it, and call us further to work to fix this fundamental problem. But how? White privilege, bias, and structural racism were baked into our democracy and economy from the very start. As racism infects our systems and our institutions, we have been party to this corruption. We must and will do better.

Our work brings people together with the tools of art to better understand each other and ourselves, and to explore and find meaning in life, and we are grateful to the artists and audiences who make and take these journeys with us. We will continue to strive always for honesty and artistry and to host a diversity of voices and experiences on our stages. Off stage, institutions are made up of people, and we commit publicly to stay aware of our privilege and combat our complicity, and to work actively and continuously with our community to build an antiracist institution. 

Today, we are grateful to, and stand in solidarity with, our Black artists, Black board and staff members, and Black community. Black Lives Matter.

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