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Care For Creatives

Welcome to a playground and classroom where creative adults can practice the art of being well. Each program below has a full line-up of mental health self-care activities!

About Us

Care for Creatives represents a unique partnership between Southern Rep Theatre and the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic. Our programs unite New Orleans’ creative community with mental health practitioners in a sanctuary space to promote resilience through enriching workshops and engaging events. Supportive activities are centered around personal development, psychological education, and healing with drama, music, visual art, movement, guided relaxation, and other expressive forms.

Our Mission

Care for Creatives extends Southern Rep Theatre’s mission to sustain and nurture those who encompass New Orleans’ cultural economy by collaborating with the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic’s You Got This goal to promote optimal mental health self-care amongst creatives. Together we strive to ensure the wellbeing of New Orleans’ creative community by providing accessible, effective outreach programs with measurable outcomes.

Who We Serve

Care for Creatives caters to the unique needs of New Orleans’ creative professionals. Creativity can be expressed on stage and in the studio or behind the scenes and in the office. From the entertainment industry to visual and culinary arts, all self-identified creators are welcomed to attend our inclusive programs.

Pop in to practice self-care through various healing and educational activities and stay for NADA ear acupuncture, chair massages, and a weekly community mixer. Drop-ins welcome.


Finding Mindful Roots

Connect more deeply to your internal energy! Through exploring heaviness and lightness in our movements and breathing, we’ll establish mindful …

Finding Space With Qigong

Your personal space is important! Through Qigong-based movement, we’ll find and learn our boundaries. Through internal and external exploration …

Energetic Connection

Find your internal self and connect to others! Through group movement work, we will explore connection with our bodies and apply these …

Explore personal growth and connection within your organization with custom workshops to foster deep exploration and connection through expressive mediums such as music, visual art, drama, and movement.

Performance Artists For Mental Health

Enjoy live music with brunch at these community gatherings where guest performance artists entertain and share their story of hope. All community welcome.


Sunday Brunch – August

Come gather for live music and a nourishing brunch. Talented guest performance artists entertain, followed by an open-hearted panel where performers share their . . .

Sunday Brunch Talks – October

On second Sundays, community gathers for live music and a nourishing brunch. Talented guest performance artists entertain . . .

Sunday Brunch Talks – December

On second Sundays, community gathers for live music and a nourishing brunch. Talented guest performance artists entertain . . .

All Care for Creatives programming is offered for $5 per event. Watch this space for details or sign up for the email list!

Sarah Zoghbi, Director of Care for Creatives Cara Zajac, Program Coordinator phone: 504.356.2094

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