Who Can Be A Part of 4D?


4D is a rigorous program for artists who take craft and collaboration seriously. Each of the 4D team members—the Dramatist, Director, and Dramaturg—are required to bring critical, creative, and compassionate thinking to each moment of the process. The goals of 4D are to cultivate the work of a diverse set of voices in the city and to give participating artists the tools and skills they need to write, develop, and produce high-quality new plays in New Orleans and beyond. We are looking for collaborators who believe in that goal and in the importance of putting in the work necessary to achieve excellence in new play development and production.

For Dramatists, we’re looking for writers with a distinct voice and a highly theatrical imagination. Writers must be self-disciplined and passionate about writing and, perhaps more importantly, re-writing. For Directors, we’re looking for artists who know how to guide a new play from the page to the stage. New play Directors must balance their own vision for the play with the Dramatist’s goals and the Dramaturg’s expertise, so we’re looking for artists who are good listeners and leaders. For Dramaturgs, we’re looking for people who are intensely curious and who can serve as a liaison between the Dramatist and the Director and the play and its eventual audience. 4D Dramaturgs need to be the kind of artist who can ask tough questions and support the work of their collaborators.

Previous involvement with our 6×6 or 3×3 programs or with Southern Rep productions is not a necessity to apply or participate in 4D. We’re looking for the best and most ambitious artists in the city. If you are looking for an opportunity to dig deeply into new play development, 4D is the program for you!