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Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops


Explore personal growth and connection in your organization with professionally conducted by certified professionals and customized workshops designed to foster deep exploration through expressive mediums such as music, visual art, drama, and movement. All materials, set up and take down, and end of workshop report with both quantitative and qualitative data collection suitable for grant applications are included.  

PERFECT FOR: Professional development workshops, nursing facilities, wellness organizations, substance use treatment centers & more!

All groups are also able to be customized to meet the needs of each individual agency.


painting with a passion

Relaxing painting sessions encourage exploration of innermost feelings and expressions in living color. You will use the brush to share your personal journey through visual art.

Metamodern Psychodrama

Experiential sessions use improvisational drama and spontaneous play to explore the self, promote healthy relationships, and uncover new routes to wellbeing

music for the mind body and soul

Live music group experiences are designed to encourage self-expression, healthy communication, and improve overall wellbeing. Activities include playing instruments, songwriting, singing, combining music and movement, guided imagery, and music-assisted relaxation. 

queer identities: a wellness group for lgbtq+

With music, vocal exploration, movement, and storytelling we explore and express LGBTQ+ identities as they relate to relationships, gender, sexuality, and family history. This group supports an overall sense of community and wellbeing, development of a positive sense of self, healthy coping strategies, and insight into relational patterns. 

Mindfulness takes center stage

Life as a creative person can be incredibly demanding and stressful.  This training will teach basic mindfulness skills that performers can use to help silence their inner critic and strengthen the long-term consistency needed for a successful career in the arts. 

Somatics and Improv for All Bodies

Through somatic exercises, mindful breathing, bodywork, improvisation, play, and written reflection we retune ourselves to our bodies. Together we remember how to inhabit and be present with ourselves.

slow yoga flow & higher purpose meditation

This hour is designed to connect you to your higher purpose through gentle yoga followed by a guided meditation and group processing. All levels are welcome to explore your unique creative energy through embodiment, introspection, and intention. 

Autogenic hypnosis relaxation training

This restorative training guides participants into a self-generated state of deep relaxation. The soothing experience is processed and can be used for sleep improvement and stress reduction in the daily lives of busy creatives.  

To request more information about bringing custom Wellbeing Workshops into your organization or workplace, contact Dr. Penny Roberts, Care for Creatives Outreach Director.

Here’s what participants have to say about our programs…

I have thoroughly benefited from the expertise of the providers who led the workshops I attended. They were insightful and kind.” 

“Amazing and very helpful. The Paint With Passion workshop exceeded my expectations. Not only was the class warm and welcoming, but it helped me to dig deeper and explore different outlets to heal. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to class every week. It helped me through a rough patch and I’m forever grateful!” 

“Had several great experiences and recommend to the community!” 

“What you have is wonderful… The interactive classes and workshops I attended were positive and the facilitator and or staff, very professional and fun to engage with.” 

“My experience with this group was surprisingly thought-provoking, spiritual, healing, and deeply affirming.”

“5/5 Stars!” 

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